Charleston Trip was a success!

This year the Charleston trip was absolutely terrific! Students loved running and playing on the coastal plain and really enjoyed seeing a barrier island. They learned about some interesting pirate history and walked some of the most historic streets in our state! The beautiful house and awesome lunch at Poogan’s Porch were just icing on the cake!


Sistine Chapel

Fifth grade just finished up a unit on the Renaissance.  To see just how devoted people were to art during that time, fifth graders chose a portion of the Sistine Chapel to paint…all from under their desks, on their backs!  It sure was a difficult job!

Marble Tracks

When we learned about friction and motion in science, we put what learned into action.  We used materials around the classroom to create a marble race track down the wall.  The track couldn’t use the floor, and the slowest marble won.  So, students practiced using friction to slow down the marbles as much as possible! It was engaging, fun, and entertaining!