Christmas Coding

In class today, we worked on an exciting new project. I introduced the concept of coding. We talked about how coding is a unique language. Students created a “game” board/maze, with the premise of seeing who could capture the most candy canes, and they mapped out a path with a series of commands: left turn, right turn or straight. A prize was awarded for whoever’s path collected the most candy canes! Our winners are… Lillian and Ethan!!!


Carolina Music Museum Field Trip

Carolina Prep students first through fourth grade had a wonderful time at the Carolina Music Museum on Friday. The students learned a lot about instruments, specifically harpsichords, piano fortes, and pianos used in the 18th and 19th centuries. Our very knowledgeable guide gave us background on each instrument, one of which Chopin actually played on. One of the things I enjoy about teaching at Carolina Prep is the opportunity to give students a broader look at the world and the experiences these students are able to have at such a young age! It was a great day!

Middle Ages Projects

Fourth Grade worked very hard on their Middle Ages project over the past week.  We learned about some significant figures during this time period including Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc and Thomas Becket.  The students did an excellent job gathering research from their textbook and online.  They complied a list of fifteen interesting facts, and summarized these facts in their own words. Then, using a technique called crayon resist watercolor, they gave their posters a pop of color.  I am very proud of their hard work, and all they learned about research.

Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful Halloween party in our class this week. The kids did charades, told Halloween jokes, made a spooky nightlight craft, and had ice cream sundaes! A big thank you to Ethan’s mom for all her hard work and creativity as well as the other parents who came! The kids had a great time and they looked great too!

Weather Research Presentations

Today our fourth grade class presented the research they had gathered on their chosen weather event. Students conducted internet research on their chosen weather type, found corresponding pictures as well as interesting facts. Third grade enjoyed listening to the presentations as well. We all learned so much and not surprisingly came up with even more questions that we are interested in learning the answers to on these topics!

Sky Becomes a Butterfly

While we were on our field trip, our guide showed us some painted lady caterpillars.  She suggested we take one home to watch its metamorphosis.  She gave us some of the plant it likes to eat, and we housed it in a bug house one of the students brought to school.  Almost three weeks later, our friend Sky, as the students named him, emerged from his chrysalis.  The students were so excited to see this transformation take place.  We will be releasing our little friend to the wide world in couple of days.





Feudal fun in Fourth!

In Social Studies the past couple of weeks, our fourth grades have been learning about an exciting period of time in history called the Middle Ages.  We have been learning about the fall of the Roman Empire, changes that took place after the fall, the rise of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, important leaders like Saint Benedict and Charlemagne, and the feudal system.  We have been comparing and contrasting the way of life in the Middle Ages to our lives today.  The students were amazed by the unfairness of the feudal system for the everyday common people.  We created a visual demonstration of this by using cups to represent the different people in the feudal system (i.e. king, lords/nobles, knights and peasants).  We used ten small cubes to represent the peasants portion from the land they worked, 60% of which was paid to the knight over their area for protection.  We were able to see clearly that this system, while beneficial to rulers, was very unfair to the common man.

IMG_1453 (1).jpg