Valentine’s Day Party

We had a blast celebrating Valentine’s Day with the fun punch game Mrs. Keener had and the awesome popcorn bar! We are so lucky to have a room mom that always goes all for out for our class! Thank you Mrs. Keener!!!


Blankets and Moons

We learned that the Navajo would make beautiful blankets woven out of images of important items in their lives. We made our own version of this blanket by choosing important things from each chapter and then we laminated and wove them into blankets. Students also had fun making the moon faces out of Oreo cookies. We made each phase of the moon by eating the cookies into crescents and half moons! Yum!

The Pets that lived!

Students adopted their own pets (made out of hollowed-out eggs) and took them home and cared for them the entire time we read Because of Winn-Dixie. Students kept a journal everyday of feeding, watering, and playing with their new pets! All of the pets came back to school without injury, which was quite a success! Students got to see how caring for pets can be very difficult, just like the main character, Opal, from our story had to care for her new dog.

Adjectives and Fables

We were learning about adjectives for a few weeks in grammar, and when we were done, we used those adjectives to write our very own fables. We learned that adjectives are what make writing more interesting, so we used as many as we could while writing a story that teaches kids a lesson. Our audience was the Pre-K class, so when we finished the fables, we went next door and read the stories to the class. It was so much fun to see the student I used to have when I taught Pre-K reading to the current Pre-K class. So sweet!

Holiday Party Extravaganza!

Our holiday party was one for the books! Mrs. Keener came up with some really awesome games for the kids to play, like unroll the cling wrap to win prizes. In this game, the first player rolled two dice over and over, trying to get doubles. The second player unwrapped the giant cling-wrap ball of presents as fast as they could, until the doubles were rolled. The catch-the person unwrapping had to wear gloves! It was a sight to see! The students all got some wonderful gifts and had great fun! We followed up our game with a terrific holiday treat that was so yummy.

Volcanoes and spider Hats!

Fifth grade is getting ready to burst! We are learning about Earth’s layers and the causes of land features in science. We just had to make a volcano to show all that we learned!

Third grade absolutely loved Charlotte’s Web. They made these darling hats with characteristics of Charlotte on each leg!