Practice Made perfect!

Pirates, The Musical was my favorite musical to date! The students did a terrific job performing last night! Thank you all for coming out to show your support! Here are a couple shots of the final dress-rehersal.  They really pulled it all together beautifully!

Science Fun!

In honor of Science Night last week, the 3rd and 4th graders chose a science experiment to try out of a book of candy experiments.  They chose Making a Gummie Worm into a Gummie Snake.  We took our worms and placed them in a bowl of water.  Then, we checked back each day to see what they were doing.  They got really, really long, and then began to dissolve.  Their favorite part was smashing them into slime!

Batter Up!

We had a great time playing vocabulary baseball to review for our test! Teams worked together to get their runner around all the bases and across home plate! Each student got a chance to be the runner as they took turns “working the bench”. Each time they made it across home plate, they earned another point for their team!