Field Day Fun


Final Book Reports

Our class completed their final book reports this week. Each student got to choose what type of report they wanted to do for the novel they chose. Some created movie posters, others created book jackets, one wrote a letter to a friend recommending the book, and one wrote a poem! I loved seeing their creative ideas and projects! Great job everyone!!

Science Fair

Our students did an excellent job preparing and presenting their Science Fair Projects. The students have been working for a month to complete these projects. Everyone did an excellent job following the requirements, and meeting their weekly benchmarks. I am so proud of each of them!

We Are All Wonders

This past week our third and fourth grade class worked on designing a poster to go with the novel Wonder. Every student took the time to write on each classmate’s poster what they think makes that person special, unique or a “wonder”. The enrichment teachers and administrators will also be participating in our Wonder project by uplifting our students with compliments about how each student is unique.

Taco Truck Project Based Learning

We had an awesome time last week working on a project based learning activity entitled Run a Taco Truck.

The students designed a logo, slogan, and truck. They researched recipes, compiled a list of ingredients, and created platters. They assigned each ingredient a price less than $1.00. Then, they designed a menu and took order from their classmates and me. They practiced adding decimals to find the total price owed.

Finally, the students used area and perimeter to make a blueprint and a model truck with items inside such as a stove, oven, order counter, work table, etc… The students had a great time working on applying Math skills to this real-world project.

Roper Mountain Science Center Field Trip

We had a wonderful time at Roper Mountain Science Center this week. How fortunate we are to have such a valuable educational resource so close to our school! We had the privilege of attending three classes while we were there as well as enjoying a picnic lunch.

In our first class, we learned about the rainforest, and specifically had the opportunity to learn and observe poison dart frogs. Our second class focused on fossils. We interacted with six different types of fossils with partners, each was over 10,000 years old. We even got to go outside and dig up our own fossils to bring home! Finally, our third class focused on marine life. We learned about coral reefs, observed, and even were able to handle inhabitants of coral reefs. Overall, we had a wonderful time at Roper Mountain Science Center!

Revolutionary War Reports

Our fourth grade class participated in research reports of key persons involved in the American Revolution. Their assignment was to research their key person, make notes on their findings, create a timeline of their lives, write a one page paper on their person’s life, and dress-up as their character to read their research findings to our class. The students completed this assignment over two weeks. I am very proud of how each one did! Here are Abigail Adams, Nancy Hart, George Washington, and Paul Revere!