Statehouse and Zoo

We had so much fun visiting the Statehouse and seeing how the government works on a state level. We also loved the zoo with its darling baby giraffe!


Colonial Projects

We just finished our unit on the 13 Colonies. Students got to choose two projects to make and share with the class. We loved seeing awesome soap carvings, tasting homemade butter, playing with the toys and games, and seeing the cool models that students made.

Explorer Biography

Here are some of the Europeans who found America and even one inventor. Not only did we meet Isaac Newton, we learned about people like Hernando De Soto, Ponce de Leon, Samuel de Champlain, Christopher Columbus, and Henry Hudson.  Students learned how to set up a power point presentation, and used their power points to help them present information about their explorer. The presentations were as much to fun to watch as they were to create!

Blankets and Moons

We learned that the Navajo would make beautiful blankets woven out of images of important items in their lives. We made our own version of this blanket by choosing important things from each chapter and then we laminated and wove them into blankets. Students also had fun making the moon faces out of Oreo cookies. We made each phase of the moon by eating the cookies into crescents and half moons! Yum!